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After my little bumper bender, the check has arrived from the other insurance company and it's high time to find a body shop to straighten out the rear of my 500SE, fix the now-erratic trunk lock mechanism, source/install a new Gen2 Euro bumper, then do some paint matching. The good: the insurance acknowledges that I have to source parts from MB Germany. The bad: they bill labor at $45/hr, and $35/d for a rental car. Hmm.

Jon White was already kind enough to opine but I'm still taking votes in my straw poll for most-competent-with-w126 collision repair in San Diego. So please help me out by throwing your favorites out there, and maybe explain what that assessment is based on. All opinions welcome!


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Word of mouth lcally is the best bet, but good leads can be sourced in any large city if you can track down wher the ultra high line exotics such as roills Royces, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, and Bentleys are repaired ..

Keeping in mind that in California YOU are entitled to select ANY body sho9p you want, by State law, here is a suggerstion:

Often as not the owners of such vehicles take their cars there to these white glove, top of the line shops for repair and resto, and having top dollar to spend, will brook absolutely NO 2nd class or shabby corner corner work. EVGER.

And you should see a multimillionaire get mad when they discover they just got screwed. I have: their rage grows incandescent!

Another thing (knowing nothing other than that you got a check from the OTHER (adverse insurance co, which suggests their policy holder is at fault).

Under the concept of LOSS OF USE you are entitled to a free rental car. And be sure to get one of LIKE quality (NOT some awful little sardine can like a Chevy Aveo or Fiat 500);

And be sure the cost and billing of the rental is DIRECT BILLING to the other insurance company so you do NOT have to worry about the hassle of getting the bgill to YOUR credit card, paying, and then waiting months for reimbursement from the adverse insurance company. Make them pay the daily CDW too.
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