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1998 E320 base sedan @ 242 kmiles
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...or, did you install new, staggared tires on it recently? the sizing may not play well with the CC
He already had a separate post for BAS ESP warnings.


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2001 E55, 2001 E320 Wagon 4-matic, 2001 E320, 2002 E320, 1995 E300, 1998 E300, 1992 500E
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Cruise control, ESP/BAS & ABS problems - all at once?
Anyone want to give the odds on a faulty/dirty wheel speed sensor or a defective brake light switch?

Edit: Obviously best to get some codes before throwing parts at it. But whenever I buy a 'new' used w210, I routinely replace the brake light switch (and crank sensor) as cheap insurance against common failures.
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