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My cruise control stopped working after last service at M-B dealership here in Canada. They now want to charge me for a TAN and activation, because they don't believe its their fault. They basically do not believe it was working before I came in for service, as my car did not come from the factory with the CC and they were not the ones who installed it and activated it.
CC working before I go in for service, CC not working after service.
During the service the did the clutch grab point re learn that I asked for, but they also re-flashed my ECU with an updated version that I didn't ask for. Now they claim the update to the ECU would not have affected the CC as the CC is in the cluster, which makes sense, but I am still without the CC and they claim is not their fault.
I'm trying to figure out what could have cause the DE-activation of my CC, their are no fault codes to be found in the cars system.
1. Could have flashing the ECU caused this?
2. Is there a way to prove it was working before?
3. is there a way to get a CC Tan code without paying the stealership $250?
4. Could have something else caused the CC to stop working?
5. Or am I pretty much f**ked?
My VIN is wmeaj00f96j271424 if this helps.
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