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'84 300 turbodiesel
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Hi all:

Just got back from a 600 mile roundtrip on my 300D. The first 380 miles were done using B20 diesel and the rest, with 40 cetane regular diesel. Average mileage was 27-28mpg, as I was driving 75-85 mph most of the times. I didn't observe much difference in performance or smoking. The exhaust smell: that was different.

Anyways, my odometer stopped working after I got back and I was trying to fix it yesterday. I took out the instrument cluster and and disassembled the speedo/odometer unit. I carefully pulled the odo shaft about 1/5th of the way out and dabbed a little superglue to it in order to increase its grip. I re-assembled back everything and took it for a test drive. The stupid thing worked for 6/10th of a mile before it stopped. Anyways, I kept on driving and sometime later I noticed that the car was maintaining speed even when my foot was off the accelerator. What a pleasant surprise! The cruise control had started working. So before you all go ripping out the cruise control computer, circuit-boards and such, you might want to check if the sensor unit in the back of the speedometer is ok. In my case, I just took it apart, blew the dust off and put it back in place.

Now, any suggestions as to what I can do about the odometer will be appreciated!

1984 300D stuck at 182k
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