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Cruise Control(Bowden) cable

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Would anyone know where I might find a cruise control cable for a late '70s
200d? I'm actually a Porsche 911(1984) owner desperate to find a cable for my car. A relative had a M-B diesel from that time with this cable on it and I now wish that I would have "borrowed' it. It's about two feet long,barrel connector on the throttle end and a plastic button on the servo end. I apologise for sneaking into the forum but I'm becoming desperate. Thank you!
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Have a look on the stripped down Russian EPC on EverythingBenz - Mercedes-Benz Forum and Web Search Using Google

You might be able to find a part number there (make sure the description suits the figure number though as not all the part numbers are always shown - this isn't the proper EPC). You should at least be able to find a picture of what you are looking for - you can print that out and go and sit on the parts sales counter at your local dealer...

...if you want the proper EPC you can get it for free if you are a US citizen with a valid credit card (which apparently they don't bill!) via
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