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Crazy Thought....ML320 to ML270 CDI

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I know this may seem like a totally insane question but has anyone ever looked into converting an ML320 into an ML270 CDI here in the states? Gas prices are making me want to puke these days and I sometimes wonder how hard a conversion of this kind might be. Anyone have any ideas?

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LOL... very true.... would probably be cheaper to just buy a new ML320 CDI.....

Almost wish they would offer it (new ML) in a 4 or 5 banger..... sure it would be slow but would gladly deal with it for higher MPG.... hell... not much could be slower then the 2 W123's I've owned in the past.... When I can finally afford something newer and CDI.... I might try to see if I can do this crazy "Browns Gas" conversion I found online with my current ML320. Brown's Gas is unseparated Hydrogen and Oxygen. I'll wait to try this until this is a second car... in case I blow it up....LOL
Maybe I'll look into that..... I'm driving somewhere between 25-30K miles a year right now..... I know our gas prices don't hold a candle to what you pay in the UK but it's just starting to add up at close to $3 (USD) a gallon. So I'm really starting to notice it when I fill up.
You must not drive nearly as much as we do....LOL.... OMG... $9 a gallon gas in the USA and there will be riots..... of course how many miles is it across the UK? I have to drive all day (quite literally)... just to get out of Texas.... yee haw...LOL Wait... you also drive a model that we can't get here in the US.... the A....

1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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