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Crazy Thought....ML320 to ML270 CDI

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I know this may seem like a totally insane question but has anyone ever looked into converting an ML320 into an ML270 CDI here in the states? Gas prices are making me want to puke these days and I sometimes wonder how hard a conversion of this kind might be. Anyone have any ideas?

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Here is what you should do:

Place a wooden block under the gas pedal so that the pedal only goes down a quarter or so of the full travel. This will simulate the smaller engine and reduce fuel consumption.

Seriously, the mpg will not get that much better with a smaller engine as the total vehicle weight will not change that much. After all, there was only a 1 mpg difference between the ML430 and the ML320.


zaphodsplanet said:
....Almost wish they would offer it (new ML) in a 4 or 5 banger..... sure it would be slow but would gladly deal with it for higher MPG....
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