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Crank but no start

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91 w129 will turn over but no start. Alarm will sound when ign turned to start. Have to turn off with key in door. Caps rotors plugs wires coils replaced. Fuel pump and filter replaced. New 10 amp fuses in ovp. Some assembly required! Help. Reset computer procedure. Bypass alarm anti theft procedure. Got a clk430 missing on one and three also. Any help is appreciated
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I'd hit it with a dose of starter fluid. If it does not fire, you know it's totally electrical in nature. The next challenge of course is figuring out why the ignition system is not powered.
Sounds like you have a fuel issue. If it lights off starter fluid, you are getting spark. Assuming mechanicals are correct, all it takes is spark and gas. You obviously have spark. Better look to the fuel delivery system.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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