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I figured some might be interested in how a Meiller crane is removed from a 416.
-First thing first, get the deck ready to remove by pulling pins at the ball joints and disconnecting the hydraulics from the ram.
-Lift deck way up high and drive out
-Pull cylinder from the crane subframe and drop into place on the spider frame
-Slide spider frame under the deck and lower into place and reinsert pins in ball joints ( i dislike things hanging in the air)
-Decide where you want a crane to sit in your yard and proceed with blocking underneath the legs, you want as much height as possible.
-Remove the rear two bolts and start adjusting the height so you can pull the forward two pins. If you are good/lucky you can pulls the pins out with you fingers(or a 6' chunk of re-bar fed from the other side and a sledge)
-Once the crane frame is totally free you can drive ahead about 3' and raise the forward legs to max
-Disconnect main and return hydraulic line and tie up out of the way
-Drive out from underneath the crane. This is the crappy part as the two forward ''arms'' of the frame hang down low and will hit the shock towers if you are not careful. Digging is involved usually
-Once out from the crane back over to the deck that is sitting on the ground and line yourself up.
-Hoist deck with spider frame up to about 7' and reverse under.
-Drop deck down into place and insert rear bolts and the two front pins
-Bolt down hydraulic ram and hook up line
-Open your favorite bevvy and enjoy
Thats a quick summary. I might have missed one or two things but you can get the gist of it.
G Vavra


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