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Cracked my front Spoiler-Repairable?

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I cracked the lower middle part of my front -Spoiler/Air Dam- parking the car and slightly hitting a parking Block.:mad:
The crack is clean and is about .050 wide.
Is there a way of repairing this for a DIY 'er?

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Hi there have my own bodyshop in the uk.and if you have a local automotive paint factors near you,you can get a 2 part plastic glue which is designed for repairing splits and cracks in bumpers and other plastics.comes in a syringe and it mixes the 2parts in the nozzle and you can get a reinforcing mesh which you bridge the back of the split or crack make sure you key the area up on the back of the split and then pump the glue over the sets nice and quickly and gives a good strong repair it's quicker and easier then plastic welding.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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