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CPS? Car starts but shuts right off

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so my car was running completely fine until i wasnt using it for like 2-3 months...i went on a quick little <2 mile drive within my town and it just stalled on me...turns on and then stalls a little later and eventually wouldnt even turn over again...i pushed it to my house just one block away then it started again...

i try again a few days later and it turns over but shuts right off...and keeps doing it until i get lucky and it may stay on...i go for a little drive and it stalls at idle...

ive already tried cleaning the MAF and it made 0 difference so can this be the CPS or probably something with my messed up custom turbo? lol how can this just suddenly happen when the car was running completely fine? i just didnt use it for 2-3 months and this started suddenly occurring
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Hey, Hi Hersh !
Don't blame the turbo yet. Borrow a code scanner and see what's stored. If you plug in an OBD reader while its running it should spit out a CPS code, or a TPS or whatever even if there not stored
If this just started (like it wasn't doing this prior to being left sitting) it's cause might depend on overall car condition and area climate.
Things to look at (if no codes ); plugged fuel filter or a soon to be screwed fuel pump. It could even have water in the fuel.
Much Luck
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