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CPS? Car starts but shuts right off

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so my car was running completely fine until i wasnt using it for like 2-3 months...i went on a quick little <2 mile drive within my town and it just stalled on me...turns on and then stalls a little later and eventually wouldnt even turn over again...i pushed it to my house just one block away then it started again...

i try again a few days later and it turns over but shuts right off...and keeps doing it until i get lucky and it may stay on...i go for a little drive and it stalls at idle...

ive already tried cleaning the MAF and it made 0 difference so can this be the CPS or probably something with my messed up custom turbo? lol how can this just suddenly happen when the car was running completely fine? i just didnt use it for 2-3 months and this started suddenly occurring
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I'd also check for codes. Then I'd pull the intake and inspect it to be sure fowl or vermin haven't built a nest in there, it happens a lot.

Good luck.
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