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When I have the top down on my car, the piece that covers it from view that is upholstered to match the interior is having a couple of issues. First the leather wrapping (if it is leather) of the cover is beginning to come loose - any ideas on a good adhesive to glue it back down?

Second, the little flaps (about six inches long by two inches wide) on either side of the cover that swing open to allow the hinges to extend through the cover when the top is up and close to hide the hinge workings when the top is down both have came loose. The one on the driver side has broke loose completely and is lost while the passenger side is hanging on by a thread. I had the parts priced at the local dealer and learned they do not replace just the flap but a much larger part on either side. Pieces alone were around $1,000 each (one side was more expensive than the other though not sure why) then labor to replace. Curious if there are any other solutions out there.

Oddly enough I never noticed an issue with either flap until getting Service A and a few other things taken care of at an Indie. The day after I picked the car up all of sudden both flaps were lose. I didn't have any issue with the upholstered cover until a couple of weeks after this service as well. Maybe a coincidence but seems odd for a 2006 to all of a sudden have significant issues like this where I had not noticed any concerns previously.

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Those flaps are a common problem. So is the MB-Tex "pleather" peeling and bubbling. There a many posts on the forum about the flaps with possible fixes. Replacements are hard to find, though.
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