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1999 E320 4MATIC
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Hi all, I just purchased this vehicle last weekend from a friend who was the original owner. This is my first mb vehicle.

A couple quick historic points on this car:
-friend drove it daily to work
-changed engine oil every 7k with mobil1 and fleece @ dealer
-never changed tranny oil (vehicle currently has 137k)
-never wrecked/body 98% rust free

The car has a few problems which I didnt care since I paid $2k for it. I fixed the first few but still still need couple thoughts on the rest.

- windows quit working on him( I fixed this issue, harness plugging into shift console has a lil "green" on contacts)
- a/c didnt work (also fixed this issue, followed a thread on here to raise some number in service mode which kicked on the a/c so I could add more refrigerant)
- clicking while turning the steering wheel(I had wife slowly drive while turning and found the cause, left side cv joint boot broken and cv clicking. I ordered an aftermarket part for $130 - cv drive axle but unsure if its worth trying it myself or paying mechanic to install it for me for $220
-carpeting on front floor pans get slightly wet when raining( pulled the pieces of trim of the corners between the headliner and dash and see drips of water on both sides dripping onto trim and traveling down to dash and eventually on floor. Cant tell if its coming from sunroof or top of windshield.)
-transmission fluid replacement(Do I have this done? My mechanic told me in his opinion since its never been changed and the miles it has is to "let sleeping dogs lie" changing the oil and flushing it might cause other issues and since its shifting nicely and not leaking to let it be)

I have learned so much from these forums in a couple days of searching, its saved me quite a bit of money just by searching. I am greatful for all you active members helping each other out. I even followed a tip on here for the yellowed/hazy headlights and purchased the 3m resto kit and they turned out amazing!
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