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Couple of questions

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Whats up Benz lovers? Ok, my first question is about the hood release. I pulled the red hood release lever and only one side of the hood was released. :( Does anyone know how this can be fixed without being taken
to the shop. Second thing is i am going to buy wheels soon and i wanted input on 18's vs 19's. And Black vs Chrome. I have a black 99 E320 with tan interior. I will post pics after i get the wheels installed. I also added 2 amplified base tubes to the system along with a Kenwood Cameleon deck.
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Hmmm....could it be you are not pulling the outside release? It is a thin horizontal lever located in the front grille - left of center.
Try pulling a little bit harder as the same cable opens the two latches, if the cable has a little play for the second one you end opening the first but no the second. Once you open your hood just adjust the cable tension or the hood "U" hook.
Hope this help. I´m new to W210, only two days.
Lubrication of those catches is part of the A/B service procedures too. Might need a little lube too.

i wish it were that simple but, even I know to pull the black tab. Thanks [:)]
Sounds like the cable to one of the sides is broken or out of adjustment.

If you can coax it open have someone work the red handle while you examine each side. Look in the hole on the radiator support frame to make sure the latch fully moves out. I suspect one side is broken or only partially releasing.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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