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Could anyone perhaps tell me what this is?

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Here's a few pics of a component that looks like some wires are exposed and may be touching. what is this part and could this problem be making my car not start?


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ok i read that first message to fast i repaired the wires (both wires were bare in a spot) inside and plugged it back in still nothing. Thanx i appreciate both you guys help gonna go try and get back to ya.
Question. Is it required to shoot the 12v though it? If so could you kindly explain to me how i can go about doing that. To the plug or the wire being plugged in? I put a tester on the wire and i got no light.
I tested the connector when trying to crank the car i get a light from one side of it not the other... im not to good with electricity and all but is that how its suppose to be? Should i still "Unbolt injector put in a plastic bottle(cut the top off a small Coke bottle) and try to turn the car over. if it is working it'll put fuel in the bottle."?? if so ill get on that first thing in the A.M
Thanx for the advice ill continue to find out whats the problem.
The car runs occasionally i cant tell when its going to run but it does when it does i can cut it off ten times and randomly it will not start again and i cant figure it out lots of people tell me to change the distributor cap but im currently broke so i wanna know that its the problem for sure so im trying to narrow every possible problem down. im not sure about a spark.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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