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Correct Differential Oil for 2000 E55?

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WIS and AllData are a little confusing. They mention two different part numbers; one for LSD's and the other without. I was always under the impression that LSD was not an option.

Any insight?

I am showing A 000 289 28 03 (MB Hypoid Gear Oil 85W90) as the correct oil for my unmodified diff. Can anyone confirm?
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Im always using "Castrol SAF-XJ (75w140)" from MB #: "001 989 52 03/10"......:thumbsup:

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What diff are you using? LSD or open? I'm assuming you're talking about your M113 powered W202, correct?
I have the open ordinary 3.07 diff. with my W202 C55,, i had the LSD with my previous W210 E60,, i used this Castrol oil with all

my previous & present cars......:)

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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