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Cornering & fog lights for NA

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With my 2012 with Lighting package, I have seen no evidence that I have working cornering lights or fog lights. I'm beginning to wonder if our NA ones are dumbed down. Here's what the international manual says about the Intelligent Lighting System.

"Switching the Intelligent Light System on/off

Press the or button on the steering wheel to select the Settings menu.

Press the or button to select the Light submenu.

Press to confirm.

Press or to select the Intelligent Light System function.

If the Intelligent Light System function has been switched on, the cone of light and the symbol in the multifunction display are shown in red.

Press the button to save the setting.

When you activate Intelligent Light System, you activate the following functions:

- motorway mode
- active light function
- cornering light function
- extended range foglamps
- off-road lights"

My car does not have a function to activiate the Intelligent Light System, only Adaptive High Beam Assist. That could be just a different nomenclature for the same thing, though the light lenses themselves have the former title. I also wonder if we get the fog lights. No change in my front lights when I turn on the rear fog light. Curious. YYZ - any input?

A couple things to note: The left stalk needs to be pushed forward for AHBA to work, even if activated in the menu; also, you may need to be moving for some of these to work.
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I cant comment on the ML, i have adaptive/cornering headlights on my LS and i can see them turning easily. It is most noticeable when you enter/exit the interstate. Also try parking next to a wall with the car off and headlights in position ON. Then start the car, you should see the lights adjust themselfs.
The steering function definitely works, it's the other adaptive features like cornering and fog I'm questioning. Mercedes' system is a little different than most.
Cornering lights no workie

Here is a pic I shot of the light where you can clearly see the separate cornering light and its reflector:

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I have the lighting package on my 13' ML550 and have been checking my headlights for a few nights now... The only "active" feature about them is the auto-high beam. There is no change whatsoever to the lights according to steering angle nor turn signal activation. I've tried in park and while driving, both at low speed and high speed. The only time the lights move side to side is when they first turn on. If you find any information about the issue please post
Make sure the headlight switch is set to Auto for the steering function. For Adaptive function is enabled in the Lighting menu and by having the left stalk pushed forward so the little light symbol comes on next to the coffee cup one.
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