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coolant type/ differential type

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does coolant type realy matter? as long as its aluminum compatible and low sulfar isnt coolant just collant. i read alot in this forum to buy mercedes only oils. but thats just so thay can charge you for the same product.
and how can you tell if you have a lsd differential or not? and what oil do you recomend for my 300sd synthetic?
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Hi ladybee,

I don't know if your car has limited slip or not, but I just posted the codes a day or so ago. Look at the body tag on your car, area 6 for Optional Equipment. Limited slip is code 211 as you will see in the post below.

Cheers, MBL

Depends on the day!
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Mb coolant or the Zerex G5 (same stuff..). Don't use ethylene glycol (ie green stuff) and change your coolant every 2's worth it.

I use Redline Haploid gear oil 75-90W synthetic in all my MB's. Works great thus far and they All get a regular work out[:D]

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