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Coolant symbol came on although everything seems fine

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Hi Folks,
Today was a pretty hot day over here, 94 degree. My wife took the 1999 E320 to go downtown. After about 25mns of driving in stop and go traffic the engine coolant symbol came on. She said the car never overheated, the temperature gauge went close to 90 but not more. The engine coolant symbol stayed on until she came back home. As soon as she was home I checked the car and could see that indeed the coolant symbol was on but no engine light. I stoped the car, checked if there was any error code in memory with my OBD2 reader but there was nothing. When I started the car again after only a couple of minutes not running the coolant symbol was gone and never came back even after letting the car iddle for 15mns in hot weather. There is plenty of coolant in the reservoir so it is not a low coolant problem. The fan seems to run fine so I am wondering if there is a sensor somewhere that is sending a wrong message. Any idea?
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The module is behind the front bumper. It's easiest to see if you remove the plastic cover shields at the bottom of the engine. You will see it much easier this way. Those diagrams don't really tell you exactly where to look. It's just giving you a general location. I would take a picture of my car to show you the location but I'm not at home.

You can see it if you look at it from a top view, looking down but it's difficult and there's not a lot of room to work with. If you stand at the front of the car and look into the engine bay, you need to look underneath the right headlight housing, then look even further right and you should see it.

This is what you are looking for.


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