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Coolant level question

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Hi folks,

When our W126s are left standing for almost a couple of years, does the coolant rest mostly in the radiator? I ask because mine had been standing and not driven for around this amount of time, and when I started her up tonight, the level in the reservoir looked very low.

1) Does it take more than 5 mins. for the plastic coolant reservoir to fill after a prolonged non-use of the car?

2) The driveway of my home is on a slight incline downwards - does this make the reservoir look lower than it actually is?

3) What line should it be at to be correctly and amply filled?

Cheers in advance,
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Hi Rollingstone & Rmac58,

Yes the heater core is totally full with coolant even when the engine is shut off and sitting for prolonged periods.

My concern would be coolant loosing its anti corrosion capabilities as the coolant Ph changes.. The only time I have ever had a heater core fail was on my Volvo which sat for two years unattended.. That was a big job to rectify.

Years ago.. i.e. many… we were discussing with our Volvo district service rep the topic of heater core failure.. He said here in the US (at the time) the only place this occurred was hot areas of the country where the heater was never used.. i.e. coolant never flushed through it regularly as is the case here in the new england region where heater usage is a three season affair generally.

Just a thought..

Cheers & good luck, MBL
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