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Hey guys,
I just picked up a 1979 450SL, its in pristine condition (at least I assumed...), but after a few hours of cleaning it up and replacing a worn air filter and stuff I notice it was leaking a bit of coolant. Is that common in these cars? I heard that these engines' thermostat will die if they arent driven too much. The last owner had it in storage, and drove it about 10 times in the last few months. But is that true? Do you think it would be an easy DIY repair or should I take it into the mechanic? Or do you think its a completely different issue? In addition, should I continue driving it a little, or can i wait a week or two to get the leak fixed?

On another side note, I really want the car to be "original" but really do want to use my ipod, do you know of any really good radio's that look retro, but have the normal aux input and such? and any way to install more speakers (or shall we say better more modern speakers...) into the vehicle without ruining the interior? Like have any of you done any stereo work on your R107's?

Thanks for the help!
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