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coolant hose

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On my '95 S500, there is a hose which attaches the overflow tank to the radiator and has a tee in the middle for a separate hose; where does that hose go and what does it attach to? Thanks.
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James, MAVA alerted us to this tee and fittings. Should be replaced. He suggested a brass or bronze replacement from the hardware store. Seems to me that when I replaced mine the whole thing came as an assembly.
James, you forced me in to opening the hood and looking. Yes it disappears into the front but I sure can't follow it without pulling the radiator(?). mine is new and came from the dealer. One end goes to the top of the thermostat and the other end goes into the top of the overflow tank. I'll look in my AllData subscription and see if I can get more info.
The only thing I could find on ALLDATA was reference to a "air" line that has a cap on it and terminates next to the windshield washer bottle. Apparently one removes the cap from this hose when removing the expansion tank. Yes, I'm just as confused as you probably are.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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