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check your oil...

How much coolant did you lose? Lots? Are you still losing lots? Does your oil look odd? check the dipstick and under the filler cap. IF there are bubbles of white milky crap, then you've almost definitely blown a head gasket. Also, if this is the case and there's lots of it, change the oil immediately (water is not a good lubricant).

Don't panic though, it may not neccesarily be the head gasket. It may have been that there was an air pocket after refilling when the hoses were replaced. White smoke could just be the fact that it is winter [;)]

If it is the head gasket, assume you will have to have the top end of the motor rebuilt as the head will be coming off. Expect a $1500-2000 bill.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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