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i have a full service stamped history car.
some receipts are missing .
there is no history of any recent coolant change.
reading the existing threads i understand that there are 2 types of coolant changes
1) partial
2) full
i am tempted to do a full change + therostat change
any instructions for a full change?( i have searched with only patchy results)
should i keep to the MB coolant? due to the contraversy in regards to either blue-green-orange ..
many thanks

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Do what Pete said. With ALL coolant changes one needs to change overflow tank cap(Radiator Cap). I would change the thermostat as it will promote fuel economy, and safety to your engine. While your add-it change the radiator Pet-Cock(the drain valve) as the plastic gets brittle and breaks, and a sealing o-ring s there too.

Remember to turn on the heater to full..Do a few Distilled water flushes, and allow the car to get to temperature per flush.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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