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Convertible top part

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Before I bought the car, the top had been replaced. At the end of the bow's, there is a round knob that allows a plastic part to go over it and keep everything in place. The screw on plastic part that clips onto the ball is broken and each time I close the top, I have to stop half way and put the two parts together so that it closes properly and it's not pushing against the canvas when the top is closed.

I'm having a hard time identify the little screw on plastic part. Can anyone help so that I can order one?
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Look on the left hand side of this and tell me if this is what you’re looking for. If so, I believe I saw them for sale on AutoHauz or Pelican Parts. My 1990 came with plastic but I got the metal ones after the plastic ones broke. I think they are similar ones to the ones on the throttle linkages as well.
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Here are the ones on AutoHaus, if this is what you’re looking for.
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The first picture was the actual convertible top part, with the same screw on ball joint thing. Maybe order the two since they’re cheap and see which one works. I also have the part. Does your convertible top part look like that? I ordered the wrong one and have it for sale, if it matches yours.
Yes. I ended up buying the whole part from M-B of Covington online and later found that AutoHaus had the sockets separately.
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