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Convertible top motor leaks hydraulic fluid in front of both rear wheels

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When I work the soft top, the pump works but all the fluid flows right out in area right in front of both rear wheels.

What is likelihood that I develop a leak in the lines on both sides at same time? Any chance it's some check valve not closing?
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hang in there, I'll post the results when my mechanic gets to it.
Diagnose the problem to leaky piston valve units on both side. With top down, if you lift the rear deck cover you will see the top mechanism and arms. There is a silver/gold mechanism in center and a small piston that sticks out connected to the top links, the fluid is leaking thru there.

Checking on price for part now.
bob- can you refer me to a source to purchase this unit
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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