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The only fix I could think of would be to get the thickest pad (5pt). This will raise the car up a bit on the back.

Don't cut the springs as the strongest part of the spring is the top and bottom. It will bounce too much and kill your shocks faster.

i asked this question earlier about my clk 430 cabrio. why are my tires leaning in in the back when i changed the springs to h&r? after 4 wheel alignments and countless advice, i was told that the convertible weighs 500 pounds more due to the convertible motors in the rear and the springs aren't made for that weight. the front springs look great but the backs are way too low and rub the inner wall(not the fender). has any one with a convertible clk had this problem and what did u do to fix it?? i was thinking about cutting the rear springs since they will be too high normaly. but they seem to be the only springs strong enough. please help desperate!!!
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