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Converting original equipment 2002 CL500 xenon headlights to the 2003-2006 Bixenon headlight assemblies

1. Recommend the headlight assemblies from using either:

Mercedes Headlight Assembly Left - Hella 2158202161
Mercedes Headlight Assembly Right - Hella 2158202261

Mercedes Headlight Assembly Left- Magneti Marelli 2158202161M
Mercedes Headlight Assembly Right- Magneti Marelli 2158202161M

Why by from FCPEuro? The guarantee and quality of OEM parts. I am sure you have seen many other websites, but FCP is the real deal for proven OEM parts and superior technical support.

2. Buy 2 fog light wire harness from a local Mercedes Benz dealer, part number A 215 540 51 06 98. These are needed to connect the new headlight assemblies to your existing fog lights. They are about $20 each.

3. Buy 1 wire harness Product 220-707 Wiring Harness from KabelDaviko in Germany. The wire harness is required and will be explained below. Cost is about $120 USD. Point of contact if you have any questions is Frank the electrical engineer. The harness is a professional product utilizing genuine MB connectors. Their website is: -. The wire harness is the same harness utilized for W220.

Installation Instructions:

A. Before removing either light assemblies, turn on your low bean lights at your garage wall and using blue tape, outline where the low beam was hitting the wall.

B. Carefully remove the front bumper to include the fog light connections, exterior thermometer, left and right side running light bulbs.

C. Remove the yellow turn signal from the light assembly, then remove the existing two wire harness from the back of the left side headlights. Only at this point remove the right side headlight assembly there are two bolts holding the assembly to the frame and a ball joint the inserts into frame.

D. At this point, notice the new Bixenon lights from the back and compare the connections with the old xenon lights. The new lights have three connections whereas the older units have only two connections. So what to do?

E. Easy; using the first wire harness from Frank, connect the harness as described by the wire harness instruction to the fuse box in the engine compartment. The other end goes to the center connector (see attachment), one note before you proceed to connect. Check the end going to the headlight assembly as see if the white wire is in pin 2 location. If not, move the white wire from pin 4 to pin2. The little yellow/blue has no function. It´s only speed signal for Europe Highways. Remove the yellow turn signal bulb Connect your yellow turn signal bulb

F. Connect the existing six pin connector to the same male connector on the bottom (see attachment)

G. Now use the new wire harness from Mercedes Benz for the top connector of the new light assembly o the fog lamps (see attachment).

H. Do the other side (driver) the same way and when complete, enjoy the new bixenon lights which means having both high and low xenon lights.


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Not from FCPEuro

Problem with them is they rarely have stock and have to order it in THEN ship it.
Takes 3 or 4 days of unneccesary wait time.
Buy from somebody who has what they sell IN STOCKl....or at least can drop ship.
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