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Console illumination at night

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The Mercedes E-Class and BMW 3-Series have some kind of led that lights up the console at night. I think that in the E-Class the light is located on the bottom of the rearview mirror.<br>
Is there any option for the C-Class to have this?<br>
A friend of mine said it saw one that had this feature and that the console was illuminated in blue color.<br>
2002 C220CDI Station<p>
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3-series doesn't have that...

the grossly oversized red thing on the base of the 3-series (and other Bimmers') rearview mirror is the blinking LED for the alarm system. Yes, the E-class, M-class, S-class, etc. all have LEDs at the base of the mirror which are supposed to dimly light up the centre console at night. However, I'm not sure if the C-class has it (didn't think to look!) but it very well could.<p>
3 series e46 do have the console illumination
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