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Considering buying a C240 2.6L, AWD.whats to good and bad?

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Considering buying a 2003 C240 2.6L, AWD with 155,000km, any comments on what is good and bad with this car would be appreciated, and what faults should I be looking looking for and what is a good price with this milage :confused:
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Besides the obvious stuff (oil leaks, service records, body damage, etc.) check to make sure the notorious Valeo radiator has been replaced. It was known to let coolant and transmission fluid mix and thus kill the transmission.
Refer to this:

Identification of the early Valeo Radiator? - Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums

The attached images show the TSB's identifing the Valeo as being bad along with visual identification cues.
Don, MBZ's "$Matic" system is pretty much bulletproof. It uses tried-and-trusted open differentials and the ABS/ESP system to regulate wheelspin. It works very well with minimal extra components. About the most serious problem I ever hear reported is some irregular brake pad wear, but that's it.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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