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When i baught my 2002 CLK 430 cab, it came with a installation for a Nextel phone.. a motorola i90 looks like it fits it perfectly. But i have no further information on it. I also have a little mic mounted near the driverside top left corner of the glass that looks like an aftermarket installation of a phone sys.

Anyways, while playing with it.. i hit the little `i` button and the little wrench button until it started flashing.. and then i held down the little antenna extender (thats what i think it is) that would normally plug into the phone with my finger.. then after a few moments of holding this down, the stereo goes `muted` and a voice comes on saying that my number is not recognized with some sort of message, then goes to a type of busy signal.. and this voice comes from somewhere near where my cupholder would be... not through my speakers. I dont have a phone in the cradle either... What could this be? Forgive me if this is a stupid question. ;)
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