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computer history

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First time MB owner and first-time poster, though I've been lurking happily here since I bought this car nearly two months ago. Imported from Japan, it had just over 75,000km on the clock then, and is already up to about 79,000km now. Busy, busy.

I have questions about accessing its service history, since there's no feasible way, AFAIK, to access any records from Japan. I got no manual or other paperwork in any language.

First, a guilty admission: while fiddling around in the service display in the dash, I seem to have inadvertently confirmed one of the items (i.e. told the computer it's been done - that's what that means, right?). I don't know which, although cross-checking against the Service Overview.pdf I found on one of these forums leads me to think it was probably item 12, change spark plugs. The display had said it was due quite soon, but that has now changed to show only 1,3,4 and 6, due in about 10000km.

So, question 1: is there a way to retrieve the entire service history from the car's computer?

And, question 2: I'm not too worried about the spark plugs but, given the apparent fragility of the CVT, I really hope the transmission oil was changed, as it should have been, at 60,000km. Regardless of what the computer says, is there some physical way to confirm that? e.g. a broken seal somewhere?
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Q 1..Maybe the dealer can get into the service history...but of course they will charge you.

You could ask them to see what services are needed and "an estimate" but with no strings attached to force you to do it. If they want your business, maybe they can get you that history info for free or nearly free.

Q 2..Just change the oil anyway..because if the CVT craps out,.. it will probably mean scrapping the B. There is no seal on the CVT and getting at all of the CVT oil is not that easy..
Welcome nmalth..!!..:beerchugr:

As stated above..just get a lot of the mandatory service done..and Good Luck with it..
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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