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1989 300te...losing oil..maybe smoky exhaust (hard to tell - still cold out).
In the old days (1960's) we did compression tests on our cars. Kinda fun, informative...usually scared us with the #'s.
What is the procedure for doing one on the 300te? Specifically!
This is what we 'used to' do:
1. remove all plugs
2. screw tester in #1 plug hole
3. crank 4-5x, write down #, repeat.
4. do this for all cylinders.
To test for rings, we would squirt some oil into the plug hole and repeat test...if # is different, possible ring problem
---Is this the method? Do I crank 3-5x? What are 'normal' #'s? How do I 'really' check for ring problems? How much oil do I inject into the top of the cylinder?
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