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I am not affiliated with any of the sources or companies listed below; I provide these sources because a number of members have reported good results with them, because repair is much less expensive than replacement, and especially because repair of theft-related components can avoid replacement of multiple systems rather than just the malfunctioning system. The list is not complete, and is not meant to exclude any competing companies - but if you are seeking to have expensive components repaired, rather than replacing them, it should give you a start.

Electronic Components (ECU, EIS, audio components, COMAND, Nav, amps, CDC, A/C control, seat controls, PSE (central locking) pump, more) - M & B Specialist

Audio Components - Mercedes Benz No Audio or No Sound Troubleshooter and Repair; Mercedes Benz Car Stereo, CD, and Amplifier Repair, Car Stereo Help; Mercedes Benz Car Stereo Removal & Installation Videos | Factory Car Stereo Repair Inc.

To do your DIY troubleshooting for audio problems, please see the Audio section of the W220 forum - many useful links for Mercedes OE audio, especially from MY '00 on.
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