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I am not affiliated with any of the sources or companies listed below; I provide these sources because a number of members have reported good results with them, because repair is much less expensive than replacement, and especially because repair of theft-related components can avoid replacement of multiple systems rather than just the malfunctioning system. The list is not complete, and is not meant to exclude any competing companies - but if you are seeking to have expensive components repaired, rather than replacing them, it should give you a start.

Electronic Components (ECU, EIS, audio components, COMAND, Nav, amps, CDC, A/C control, seat controls, PSE (central locking) pump, more) - M & B Specialist

Audio Components - Mercedes Benz No Audio or No Sound Troubleshooter and Repair; Mercedes Benz Car Stereo, CD, and Amplifier Repair, Car Stereo Help; Mercedes Benz Car Stereo Removal & Installation Videos | Factory Car Stereo Repair Inc.

To do your DIY troubleshooting for audio problems, please see the Audio section of the W220 forum - many useful links for Mercedes OE audio, especially from MY '00 on.
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The majority of this post alludes to Fuel (Petroleum) Motors, yet for we who have CDI Motors this post lets you know all you will at any point have to be familiar with how it functions.

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