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300 CDT 4 speed manual trans
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Hi All, so I'm finally getting off my butt before spring gets here
I'd like to clear out the garage for an upcoming project
Am going to have available a lot of 300 CD stuff, very reasonable
Like a complete interior with seats in black,
Set of doors with glass, front fenders & hood, ft & rear windshield
Bumpers, serviced auto trans, dash instrument clusters, etc
Everything in excellent condition
Only thing I don't have is the rear bits where a stupid drunk rear ended me
Good news is, her car was totaled, I could drive away
Thus, no longer have plans for a pair of 190-16V front power seats, black
( strangely they are both drivers side )
Included are the installed under seat motor assemblie$, and all connectors
I took pictures of the various bits before wrapping them up for protection
Just send an email to request: [email protected]
Also a 79 240D light blue, looks good, and that always starts and runs fine,
A great way to learn to be a cautious driver
Everything NW side of Los Angeles
Thanks for reading, don't be fuelish, drive smart
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