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2005 C230 Kompressor Sedan
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50K miles on my '05, had it for almost two years.

1) Sunroof popping back open during closing: shot of silicone and reset
2) Light on rear view mirror has always been out
3) Thermostat went out (running hot, popped a code). $350 for repair at Pepboys. Would have done it myself but I'm in Iraq and wife is driving it.
4) Have to reset the "all windows open by holding the unlock button on the remote" about once a week. May give up on that feature.
5) Curb rash on right rear wheel. No big issue, but I've bought three wheels to no avail. One was wrong color, one "rattle canned" painted (still wet), and one leaked. I gave up on that.
6) HVAC blows out some rancid air sometimes. Must be mildew back in there somewhere.

Overall, love the car, love the look, LOVE the 34mpg, love the styling, love how quiet it is on the highway, and love the performance for a 1.8L engine. And most people who see it think it is brand new and cost about twice what I paid for it. Love it.
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