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Comments Pls.....

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HI to all, i need some FRANK comments from you experts. Now, I am stuck in a situation...or rather..a good situation<br> <br> I HAVE TO CHOOSE BETWEEN 2 CARS<br> <br> 1) 01 Mercedes CLK Convertible(Brother's)<br> Because he is seldom around...this car is almost brand new..less then 5000 miles...<br> <br> 2)C Coupe (Brand New)<br> Leather, with bose system, roof and also the wheel package???<br> <br> So would you guys kindly give your comments??!!
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You've got to be kidding, CLK Cab!!!
C-Coupe vs. the CLK ? CLK all the way !
Re: C-Coupe vs. the CLK ? CLK all the way !

<br> clk with 5,000k is better than c-coupe.<br> <br> do it.
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