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2008 MZB GL 320 CDI
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Has anyone else heard of this?

While driving, my COMMAND system will simply turn off, then immediately turn itself back on.

When it does this, the following happens:

-MZB logo on COMMAND screen appears when the unit turns itself back on.
-Radio station goes back to the exact same station after a brief interruption.
-If I am using Blue-Tooth and talking to someone, the conversation is interrupted for a few seconds, but connection with the other party is not lost.
-The navigation screen is interrupted for only a few seconds, then the navigation "recalculates" the route I was tracking, and displays the remaining route (as usual).

The other day when traveling from Las Vegas to Carson City, this happened about 6 times or so. On the way back, it happened about 10 times.

ANY IDEAS? I have a 2008 GL CDI with 11,000 miles.
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