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COMMAND / Audio 30 APS

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Hi everyone,<br> I'm Portugal, Europe and I'm about to buy a SportCoupè C 220 CDI. As you might suspect many questions arise in my mind :)<br> - What's the big difference between the Audio 30 APS and the COMMAND System?<br> - Is there a way I can read MP3 files in a sportcoupè?<br> - Can I read e-mail or access the web? (lame question, i guess)<br> <br> Thanks in advance<br> Jose
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Differences COMMAND / Audio 30 APS

The differences between COMAND and Audio 30 APS is that you with the COMAND gets a screen, on wich you for example can watch TV (given that you also order the TV-tuner). The screen on the COMAND is mainly used to display detailed maps. On the Audio 30 you won't get any advanced graphical display, only breif info on how to drive (like symbols for roundabouts etc.) <br> <br> Both system can voice-guide you and both systems interact with the OSD (ie. showing stuff like arrows, indicating wich direction to turn next...) <br> <br> Possibly, there are more differences than the above mentioned. Ask your dealer. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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