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I’m looking to ‘downgrade’ my COMAND system to the plain radio head unit in my '00 CLK 320. I haven’t seen any information about going from COMAND down to the radio anywhere online. I’ve owned the car since it rolled off the boat and it was one of the first cars in the US with a COMAND (preordered it in 1999). Long story short, I’m now on my third unit and the horizontal hold is usually out (like an old TV). I’ve been living with it for a few months since it works okay below about 70 degrees but here in S. Florida that doesn’t give me much time to see it working. Thankfully it was cool enough the morning of the last DST switch.

The stealer got to eat the price of the first two replacements (on one the CDs wouldn’t eject and the other went black) and I just can’t seeing paying retail for another with the luck I’ve had. Seems like spending money on used unit is just putting off the inevitable. The only function I lose is the Navigation and I’ve lived here several decades, I never used the maps except as a novelty. Besides TomTom or similar does a better job for lots less and is portable. Plus I get a nice place to put my sunglasses :)

So my questions for the collective wisdom are around the obvious:
1. Any problems just swapping the parts?
2. Which models of radio will work? There’s no shortage of them on ebay (I assume I’ll need a code)
3. What’s the name of the part (or part number) of the plastic panel that the head unit mounts into? I can’t google it without the proper name.

Thanks for any advice.
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