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hi to all, I am in the midst of having my Comand 2.0 serviced, due to it not being able to read cds. From what I have read / heard this is a common problem with this series. Anyhow, are there any software updates that I can get my hands on, in order to have (if there is such an animal) new software updates. In general, are there any special codes, little secrets for enhancing the command center? Also, any tips on possibly updating to tv and cd changer / dvd player? Reading thru the manual, it says that once the navigation cd had loaded, it can be ejected? My friend who works in a MB shop in Germany says no, the cd must always stay in the player, which means no cd music.
Wanted to add that the cds frequently get stuck while ejecting. Any tips on resolving this? Unfortunately I had to have the unti repaired locally here in Italy and not in Germany. The Germans had promised to resolve the reading error, update with new software and fix the ejection problem for close to half of what they are charging me here. Yes, I would like cheese with the whine :). This shop (subcontractor of MB) told me there were no updates.

THANKS for any tips / help!!
my car is a 2001 European Spec ML 500. Hopefully I will get around to uploading a picture ASAP!!
Need to add that
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