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OK So, I was elseware in my dorm working on Econ HW that is due tommorow and I left my door open. Lo and Behold one of my Dormates as a joke places a bid on two Mercedes wheels. he bet like $5 using my ebay account which i left open. I come back seeing him siting down laughing. I got mad because the Ebay bid ended and guess who won and got stuck with a pair of mercedes rims, yeah and just his luck they sold for a $1.00 and $1.25. He thought the price would have gone up towards the end.

I am freaking out because I have a 1995 C280 and my project car 1989 300E. The more I looked at them the more they appealed to me. Now I may have to go through with the EBay if they fit problem is he bought two different sizes. I asked the seller if he has the two other corresponding rims.
on size is
16x7.5 et 42 MB Part # 211 401 1402
the other is
16x7.0 et 31 MB Part # 203 401 2802

will the 7.5's fit the rear and the 7.0's fit the front of my 1989 W124 300E ? Is it safe to run this setup like this.What are ET's btw. If he has the other 7.5 and 7.0 and IF I can run this setup with out having firment issues or damage to the driveline, suspension, steering, and drive quality I will probably get them. It should be an upgrade from my factory stock 15'' 15hole rim

This is a Pic of the rims I guess I won the bid for.

Any help would be appreciated thank you !
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