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1973 350SLC
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Hi all.
1973 350SLC D Jetronic

So, it fires straight away from cold. I should say that cold here is never below 15C.
Then the tickover revs climb slowly to around 1700. It then drops suddenly and does it again.
It drives fine and ticks overcast around 1000rpm when warm.
I tried blocking the air intake into the AAV but then it won't start. I drilled a 5mm hole through the blank and it starts ok but ticks over at around 750rpm when cold.
I read on the Dr. Jet webpage that, if you block the intake and it causes the revs to drop, the issue is not with the AAV. It does not do it when warm so not typical stuck AAV symptoms.
In my mind, the warm tickover is too high. I was going to take the blank out and adjust the warm tickover to 750rpm, then try again from cold.
Any other thoughts?

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Not sure what you mean by the blank. Have you tried the idle adjusting screw?
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