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Hi People.

What do you make of this? I have sent an email to the seller to confirm that these coil overs (height/ damper adjustable) will actually fit the SLK.

I think the standard sus has a spring next to the shock rather than being sleeved.

Can anyone confirm if these would actually be possible to fit?

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If it is a true sleeved coilover it may fit after modifications. There have been several mountings on the SLK of the Bilstein PSS9's.
RE: 430... where have you seen PSS9 equipped SLK's? I'd like to see how it was done...

I have not see any good information on how it was done so I can't help there. You could try contact carllson. They mounted the PSS9's on their race car.
Even if they do fit in someway you may not be happy with the ride. They appear to be generic springs & shocks. There is no telling if they are matched, what kind of spring, rebound, and compression rates they use. You may find that you have a worse ride and worse handling.
nickwilcock - 4/5/2006 4:40 AM

Please sir, WTF is a 'coilover'?
A coil over is a shock mounted inside a spring. The shocks and springs are a single assembly. If you look at the stock SLK suspension the Springs & Shocks are mounted in two seperate locations. Generally when you see coilovers discussed in the aftermarket people are refering to a shock mounted within a spring where the shock body is threaded allowing for the adjustment of ride height.
Many cars come with coilovers as standard suspension bits.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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