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Hi People.

What do you make of this? I have sent an email to the seller to confirm that these coil overs (height/ damper adjustable) will actually fit the SLK.

I think the standard sus has a spring next to the shock rather than being sleeved.

Can anyone confirm if these would actually be possible to fit?

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Its probably the same set up as the K&W "coil over" set up for the SLk....

with a rebound adjustable shock and a spring with an adjustable perch... both separate pieces, no true sleeved "coilover" as you'd typically imagine it.
430... where have you seen PSS9 equipped SLK's? I'd like to see how it was done...

Depending on how involved it is, I might try it out.
Adelaide... Any news from these guys?
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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