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i have a 16reg merc sprinter pickup, when i bought it 3 mths ago i found it stiff to put into gear, not grinding just stiff then about a mth ago it started to grind into gear so looking underneath the truck i noticed the plastic linkage conecting arm was broken so replaced last week
Then a couple of days ago i noticed it starting to crunch into 1st and 2nd gears and found hard to take out of these gears and the clutch peddle would intermittingly not return after changing gears so had to lift up with my foot
Then yesturday i noticed this happening regular
Finally when i went to drive it this morning i dipped the clutch to start it then the peddle stayed down so put my foot under it and lifted it but the the problem has got worse i cant depress the clutch peddle at all its right up but hard to press actually impossible
any one know of the problem and what i have to do to fix it
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