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I got an unpleasant surprise the other morning on my way to work: Look Ma, no clutch! This was in my '83 240D, 4 speed manual. Everything seemed fine as I pulled away from the light, but, as I was upshifting, the clutch pedal felt soft. When I tried to go into 3rd, nothing - no back pressure on the pedal, no release of the clutch plate,... Fortunately, I was able to pull over to the shoulder and, with some effort, speed shifted back into 2nd and took a slow cruise to a safe parking place.

When I checked it, the clutch reservoir was almost dry; I refilled with Dot4 but I haven't been able to circulate fluid through the system.

Couple of questions:
1) is this due to my negligence - from my not checking the reservoir regularly - or is it likely that I lost the master/slave cylinder?
2) can anyone suggest where I go to find the process for bleeding the clutch hydraulics? I have a Haynes manual but it's next to useless.

Thanks very much

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