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'84 300D
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Hey guys, I've been dealing with a clunking noise on my 1984 300DT.

It happens at most speeds over bumps in the road...feels like a moderately loud "thump" in the front driver's side of the car. I've recently replaced my guide rods & bushings, and I'm pretty sure the noise isn't coming from the steering or suspension.

I think it's the brake booster. Even at a stop, if I tap the brakes, a little thump noise comes from the brake booster, and I can even feel it thump if I rest my hand on it.

The thing is, I haven't really noticed a major lack of braking power. I don't want to replace this thing if I don't have to, because it costs $275.

Have you guys run into this before? Any idea on why it would be making a noise whenever you hit a bump or tap the brakes?

When you keep the brakes pressed down, the noise goes away.
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