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, 2012 S600L designo, 2003 W211 220 CDI
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I have a mild clunking when accelerating or decelerating. its coming from the rear, either the tunnel the propshaft runs in or the rear drive shafts. you can recreate easy by "feathering" the accterator between gas on and gas off. i am sure its either the flex joints or the drive shaft (s) my question is which is most likley?(before i climb underneath) its just started to do it.

flex joints (couplings) on the propshaft I can do myself as I have done them before on other cars. I can spot a bad one. do i need any special MB tools to change the joints or remove the exhaust if needed to get at them, can the prop be dropped easy or do you need to be dropping the rear diff to allow it to be done?

is there an easy way to check if its the drive shafts?

2000 S600.
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